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Susannah Ash

SUSANNAH ASH ~ After a lifetime of dreaming to be a news journalist, Susannah found her niche—as a romance novelist. A transplant from the north over 25 years ago, Susannah now resides in Central Florida with her husband, son, and seven "teddy bear" cats. Over the years, Susannah has had many careers. During the day, she works in the medical field, but at night, her time is spent with her families—the one with whom she lives and the one about whom she writes. She is a member of National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE).

Susannah is the author of DELUCA ROMANCE BOOKS about the DeLuca family of Nashville, Tennessee: David and Hannah, their three children, seven cats, and three dogs. 

A SEASON OF ANGELS ~ is a holiday mini-book—a stand-alone chapter from Susannah's debut novel, FAITH, HOPE, LOVE and FRIENDS. Life has been good to the Deluca family—until a Thanksgiving tragedy strokes, and Hannah must search for an answer to questions of the heart during this sorrow. A SEASON OF ANGELS is a touching reminder that “…some angels wear wings of silken white and golden robes so grand; some walk the earth in blue jeans and lend a helping hand.”  AR, R>17
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FAITH, HOPE, LOVE and FRIENDS ~ is an epic novel of Hannah DeLuca’s lost and found loves and a lifetime of faith, hope, and treasured friends who help her on her journey of the heart. Join the DeLuca family as they traverse down the many roads of life: marriage, childbirth, and a journey across the country to start a new life for themselves. Wonderful blessings and surprises await them on that path, and through all the obstacles that they must overcome, the DeLuca family is surrounded by faith, love, hope, and friends. This book is a marriage of Gone With the Wind and The Thorn Birds of the 21st century, and you’ll find yourself thoroughly immersed. AR, R>17
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