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Shelley Stone

SHELLEY STONE ~ Shelley is a Florida transplant from California where she was an actress, singer, writer, director, and story analyst. An avid thespian and former member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), she has performed in dramas, musicals, and particularly comedies since her teens. Shelley has written and directed plays and musicals for all ages, but Game of Scones is her debut novel. She is a member of Sisters in Crime (SinC). Shelley currently lives in Florida and continues to be active on stage in community theater while she writes her culinary cozy mysteries.

GAME OF SCONES ~ What's more delectable than a delicious murder mystery…with food? Take one quaint English mansion in the country, mix in equal parts of savory and unsavory house guests, add a suspicious death, whisk together with a chef detective, and bring to a rolling boil. What you get is a recipe for a hilarious game of whodunnit. Based loosely on a popular board game and a three-act stage play, Game of Scones serves up murder on a plate. Recipes are included!
Scheduled for release Spring 2020!


What’s more delectable than a delicious murder mystery? Take one unsavory chef wannabe, order from an online meal kit service, season the dish with roux and deglaze with a splash of fine wine, add a fruity flambéed dessert, and serve to unsuspecting dinner guests. What you get is a recipe for murder in a box that will take a chef detective to solve. Arsenic a la Carte will have you hungry for more!

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