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Book Rating System

Books, like movies, appeal to different age groups. Sometimes it is difficult to know from a book jacket whether a book contains content that could be considered objectionable to teens or may be geared for a young person rather than a mature adult.

At Patent Print Books, we feel our readers have the right to make the most informed decision as to what they read. Please keep in mind that the Book Rating System is not chiseled in stone; it is simply a guideline, based on our opinions.

R = Juvenile Readership: suitable for lower elementary grades; pictures books, ABC books; no scary or emotional themes.

GR = General Readership: suitable for all ages; no profanity, sex, or violence; may contain scary or emotional themes.

PTR = Pre-Teen Readership: suitable for upper elementary grades and pre-teens; no profanity, sex, or overt violence; may contain scary or emotional themes.

R>13 = Readership 13+: suitable for middle school readers and older; may contain mild profanity, adult situations, scary, or emotional themes.

R>17 = Readership 17+: suitable for high school readers and older; may contain some profanity, sexual situations, violence, scary, or emotional elements and/or adult themes.

AR = Adult Readership: content not suitable for children and teens under 17; may contain profanity, sexual situations, violence, or very emotional themes.

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In addition to the Book Ratings System, many of our books are evaluated using the ATOS Readability Formula to determine a reading level and can be assigned an Accelerated Reader