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BACKTRACK: The Scout's Story, Book 1 of The Trackers Series

BACKTRACK is The Scout’s Story. NOAH LIGHTFOOT, the youngest member of the elite psychic Trackers Team, is a remote viewer with a photographic memory. He learns that an evil shape-shifting outlaw has been using highly-developed extrasensory powers to achieve personal gain and murder by backtracking into the past to alter the present.

Noah and the team of Native American Trackers must find the Outlaw and put time back on its natural course. Set in rural Northwest Florida, BACKTRACK highlights the customs and ceremonies of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians.

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MIST: The Bloodhound's Story, Book 2 of The Trackers Series

MIST is The Bloodhound’s Story. DANE LIGHTFOOT must use his psychic smelling gift as a clairscent to trace perfumes and fragrances laced with deadly black market liquid ecstasy. His track leads him to the acclaimed Sense of Smell Institute where his heightened olfactory abilities are both a help and a hindrance to his investigation. Against the backdrop of the New York City perfume industry, MIST contrasts the laid back Seminole Indian lifestyle with the bustling big city melting pot.

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THE BEAUTIFUL ONE - a Small Tail of True Love book, written as Mickey Middleton

Every year, the most beautiful plant is chosen as the centerpiece for the King's table.  Pumpkin wishes for a beautiful color so she will be chosen.  Pumpkin learns the meaning of a greater love when Field Mouse, in his love for her, sacrifices himself to make her wish come true.


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