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Mia Delton

MIA DELTON ~ Mia is a retired educator who won the Florida Center for Teachers Award given by the Florida Humanities Council for her original essay about the Apostle John working as a public-school teacher after living 2000 years on earth. She has been recognized as a Master Classroom reading instructor by the prestigious Renaissance Learning Institute, contributed to the creation of computerized literacy programs, reviewed district reading textbooks, and developed a highly acclaimed interactive sing-along system to promote reading fluency. She is a member of Sisters in Crime (SinC), National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE), and American Copy Editors Society (ACES). Mia lives in North Florida with her family.

THE SABBATICAL DIRECTIVE ~ Over 3,000 of America’s finest teachers are selected for the prestigious National Federation of Academic Excellence in Education Award for an all-expenses-paid three-month sabbatical to study topics of interest in NFAEE hubs all across the country. At the end of the sabbatical, only 288 participants are left. What happens to them is the result of an insidious plot to rid America of its best and brightest educators. Who is behind the plot, and why? For the handful who finish, the chilling answer is in their struggle to survive…THE SABBATICAL DIRECTIVE.

Scheduled for release March 2020!

AS THE MOON SHINES ~ Hallie Thomas vanishes without a trace, and the authorities are baffled. Is she a runaway or has she been kidnapped? No ransom has been demanded, leading them to believe she is a victim of human trafficking or has been abducted by a killer. But there's an added sense of urgency to find her. Hallie has xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). Anything that emits UV light, including the sun and some lightbulbs, is deadly to her. Hundreds of miles away in a remote area of the Apalachicola National Forest, a dead body lies rotting by a creek and an abandoned vehicle is hidden among the trees miles away with a Hallie's shoes in the back seat, but where is Hallie Thomas? The only way she can survive and hope to get back to civilization is at night…AS THE MOON SHINES.
Coming Soon!
PANOP'S CATS ~ The "residents" of the five-story luxury Self-Surrendering Custodial Confinement Center (SSCCC) enjoy privileges not afforded those incarcerated at ordinary penal institutions. Voluntarily pre-admitted to the octopus-shaped Panopticon (Panop) to prevent themselves from committing violent crimes, they assume they are always under surveillance, but they never know exactly when or if they are watched. Who is watching the watchers? And what happens when the watchers look away? Like Schrodinger's cats in a closed box, they are simultaneously alive...and dead.
Coming in Fall 2020!