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We have a NEW ADDITION to our website! 

Brags & Blogs is for our authors to communicate with their readers.

Brags & Blogs

Not all of our authors blog, but here is where you may find messages from them and updates on their works! Enjoy!

Brags & Blogs from Susannah Ash

Hello romantic readers! During this stay-at-home time, why don't you pick up a Deluca Romance novel to keep you company? 

Brags & Blogs from M.M. Busby

The Sabbatical Directive has been released on as an e-book and in print!.  It's a great thriller  to read while safely sheltering at home. I hope you'll take advantage of this time to order your copy!

In other writing news: the first draft of As the Moon Shines is nearing completion, and Panop's Cats is already in the works. I'm typing my fingers to the bone! Check back here to stay informed.

Brags &/or Blogs from Mickey Middleton

Hello parents and guardians! I want to let you know that work is in progress on Phil D. Mouse's Garden. In the meantime, have you read The Beautiful One,  The Ma'am, or Where Paradise Lies to your children? Check them out. Your kids will love them!

Brags & Blogs from Mickey MorningGlory

Mvdo! Love those Trackers? Me, too. I'm currently working on Andalusite: The Catcher's Story featuring Maria Ramirez and her fiancé Noah Lightfoot. I'll keep you updated here, so check back often. Cvfeke, ekvnv, sutv humkuset omaks. "Let my heart, Mother Earth, and the Sky be always as one."

Brags & Blogs from Michelle Busby

Hi you hungry readers! I am taking a break from the stage for a bit as I work on Egg Hide Homicide, the next book in my series of  Holmes & Watson Culinary Whodunits!. What? You haven't yet read Tainted Teacup? Head on over to and get your copy so you can get to know Finbar Holmes and Thomasina Watson. Hurry! The game's afoot!